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 Jesselton was the chief town on the west coast of North Borneo, long before it became modern-day Sabah and the town, today's Kota Kinabalu City.

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Jan Davidsz de Heem, Friut and Vase of Flowers, 1655

Jan Davidsz. de Heem or in-full Jan Davidszoon de Heem, also called Johannes de Heem or Johannes van Antwerpen (ca. April 17, 1606, Utrecht – before April 26, 1684, Antwerp), was a still life painter who was active in Utrecht and Antwerp. He is a major representative of that genre in both Dutch and Flemish Baroque painting.


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 Nouvelles Images, Suzanne Szasz, 1954 (PH 0855)

African Lion

August 2011 Alternative RR, from #12 Johnray

The most social of the big cats, lions live in family groups called "prides" of up to 30 individuals


Spectators look at Sleeping Beauty's Castle, a sandcastle rising 40 feet above the shores of the Pacific Ocean staking claim to the title of "World's Tallest Sandcastle." San Diego, California, September 2, 1985.


Cloch Lighthouse, Firth of Clyde, near Gourock, Inverclyde

Cloch or Cloch Point is a point on the coast of the Firth of Clyde, Scotland. There has been a lighthouse since 1797 to warn ships off The Gantocks.

The Cloch Lighthouse was designed by Thomas Smith and his son-in-law Robert Stevenson, to warn boats away from The Gantocks, a dangerous reef of drying rocks or skerry directly west of the point. Building was completed in 1797. There appear to be two generations of keepers' houses, the older now used as stores and the more recent having crow-stepped gables. The short circular-section tower has corbelled walkway and triangular windows. The foghorns were added between 1895 and 1897.
The light was built by John Clarkson (engineer); Kermack and Gall built the tower, while Smith and Stevenson installed the oil lantern which was first lit on 11 August 1797. The light was replaced in 1829 with an argand lamp and silvered reflector. About 1900, it was lit with acetylene. A radio beacon was installed about 1931.
The dioptric and catadioptric lenses floated in baths of mercury, and were rotated by a clockwork mechanism powered by falling weights.As well as tending the light, the keepers had to wind the mechanism by hand every two to three hours.
Today, the light is fully automated and unmanned. The main light has been replaced by a light on a pole outside the lantern room.

Mulu's Amazing Flight of the Bats

 September 2011 Alternative RR #1, from #19 newrule

The amazing flight of bats from Mulu Cave seen against the "Lincoln Profile" of rocks at the cave entrance.

Gunung Mulu National Park near Miri, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that encompasses incredible caves and karst formations in a mountainous equatorial rainforest setting. The park is famous for its caves and the expeditions that have been mounted to explore them and their surrounding rainforest, most notably the Royal Geographical Society Expedition of 1977–1978, which saw over 100 scientists in the field for 15 months. This initiated a series of over 20 expeditions now drawn together as the Mulu Caves Project
The national park is named after Mount Mulu, the second highest mountain in Sarawak.

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San Luis Rey Mission, San Diego

September 2011 Alternative RR #1, from #12 JohnRay

A card by Elisabeth Bohm

September 2011 Alternative RR #1 from #9 julasha

Elisabeth Bohm or Elisaveta Merkuryevna Bem was a Russian painter, the most successful prominent author of postcards in 19th century Russia.

 Still she is mostly known as one of the most prominent Russian authors of postcards. She created more than 350 postcards. Most of her postcards were printed by the St. Eugenia Welfare Society (Благотоворительное Общество Святой Евгении). She has created a recognisable style of the postcards that depicts children faces and silhouettes. According to the study of Tretyakov and Gutterman she was the most reprinted author of postcards in the Russian empire

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